Install tar.gz file and creating desktop launcher in ubuntu 18.04 systems

Now I am going to described you how to extract and install tar.gz file in Linux systems and creating a desktop shortcut.
So, I will install the Eclipse IDE for example. Now, Going to Eclipse site and download the latest install file.
Open terminal (ctrl + alt + T) and extract tar.gz file like this command...

tar zxvf download_location/file_name

Example: tar zxvf ~/Downloads/eclipse-inst-linux64.tar.gz 

When completely extract the full file. Then keep this your own chosen location. Example:


Fine, install successfully. Now create a launcher icon for fast launching. Open terminal and type...

sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop

When you enter this command then automatically open a text file. In this text file, you write this code...

[Desktop Entry] Name=Eclipse Type=Application Exec=[destication address]/eclipse Terminal=false Icon=[destication address]/icon.xpm Comment=Integrated Development Environment NoDisplay=false Categories=Development;IDE; Name[en]=Eclipse

save the file and close. Now you can check this operation. Go to /usr/share/applications. You can see your desired application.


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